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Prof. Frishman (TUM)

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Computational Genomics Research Group

We are a reseach group within the Chair of Genome-Oriented Bioinformatcs. We also maintain strong ties with the Institute for Bioinformatics at the German National Center for Research and Environment where a part of the group and some of our Web servers are located.


Structural Bioinformatics. Principles of protein structure and related bioinformatics issues.

Content: Protein architecture; structure-related databases; comparison and classification of protein folds; structure-function relationships; prediction of protein structural features from sequence; threading; homology modeling; molecular graphics; structural genomics.

Methods in Genome Analysis.

Content: Gene prediction; prediction of operon structures; isochores; alternative splicing; non-coding RNAs; genomic variants; repeats; pseudogenes.

Research topics

  • Genome analysis and annotation
  • Novel methods for gene function prediction
  • Rational target selection for structural genomics
  • Bioinformatics support of structural genomics projects
  • Application of structural genomics approaches to the studies of protein folding mechanisms
  • Prediction and analysis of protein-protein interactions

See the home page of Frishman Group for more information.